Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Knowledge is Irresistable

     I recently heard someone ask, "How do we create new knowledge?" It seems like everything we want to know is known. Beyond that, how does a child create new knowledge? Can we hope for more than synthesis of what he or she reads, views, or hears?

     Creation is at the peak of the Newer Bloom's Taxonomy. When we work our way up the hierarchy, the learning experience leads to creation of knowledge that is new to us. I interpret the taxonomy as a broad base to support creativity, and the power of creation contains a moral and ethical component that is irresistible when it is tapped. Creation is a flash of genius that prompts action, and I think it is personal before it is public and leads to an understanding that it may not be a first but a replication. Even so, replication adds to the body of knowledge for all of us.

     It is imperative that our students be given opportunities to create!

     I was awed by the creativity displayed by Jonathon, the high school basketball player at the end of this clip from Sunday Morning this morning: Sportsmanship & a Shot at Glory. Jonathon says, "I was raised to treat other people the way you want to be treated." He learned it, recalled it, and mastered the rules of the game to the extent that he would create his own rule of empathy above all else. It was his new knowledge, and he clearly found it irresistible.

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